BREAKING: Judge Throws out DJ’s Lawsuit Against Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift can now shake off some stress.

AP broke Friday evening that a lawsuit against Swift was thrown out due to lack of evidence. The plaintiff, DJ David Mueller, was a DJ at a radio station in Denver until 2013, when he was fired for allegedly grabbing Swift inappropriately.

Swift alleged Mueller reached up her skirt and grabbed her buttocks while they posed for a photo after a show at the Pepsi arena in Denver.  KYGO, the radio station Mueller worked with, fired him after Swift reported the incident and the company ran its own investigation.

Mueller sued Swift for lying about the encounter, costing him his job. Swift counter sued for one dollar, alleging sexual assault.

She explained in interviews that the money is not the important thing to her, but rather, it’s making a statement and standing up for victims of sexual assault, especially women.

The lawsuit played out in court this week, with testimonies given by Swift’s bodyguard, mother, brother and Swift herself. The most recent development allows Swift to close this chapter of her career and gear up for a potential upcoming release of new material from her sixth studio album.

Her counter lawsuit against Mueller still stands.




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