Taylor Swift Sexual Assault Case Takes Several Dramatic Turns

The bad blood between Taylor Swift and DJ David Mueller played out in court, generating a wide range of reactions.

Swift, Mueller and their legal teams packed a courtroom in Denver this week to hear arguments about a 2013 incident where the DJ allegedly sexually assaulted the singer. He claims Swift lied about the incident when she reported the incident, causing him to lose his job.

The two were at a meet and greet following Swift’s performance at the Pepsi Arena in Denver, when they took a picture together after the show. That is when he allegedly grabbed her. Swift continued with the meet and greet before reporting Mueller.

In 2015, Mueller sued Swift, her mother and Frank Bell, radio promotions director, for false statements. Swift counter sued him for reaching under her skirt and grabbing her buttocks, according to CNN.

“This is what happened, it happened to me, I know it was him,” Swift said to CNN. “”I am being blamed for the unfortunate events of his life that are a product of his decisions and not mine.”

The primary evidence in the case is the photo from that night, leaked in 2016. It shows Mueller with his hand hidden behind Swift, allegedly grabbing her buttocks. Witnesses testified that they saw Swift make a sudden jerking movement during the photo shoot. Her bodyguard, however, did not notice anything suspicious at first.

The first emotional testimony of the trial came Wednesday from Swift’s mom, Andrea Swift.

“I wanted to cry and vomit at the same time,” Andrea said.

Taylor’s testimony came Thursday, where she recanted the details of the DJ’s alleged perversion.

“He stayed attached to my bare ass-cheek as I lurched away from him,” Swift testified in court.

Even when the defense claimed she misidentified Mueller, Swift quickly stood up for herself.


“This is a photo of him with his hand up my skirt — with his hand on my ass,” Swift said to CNN. “You can ask me a million questions — I’m never going to say anything different. I never have said anything different.”

When the defense asked why the front of her skirt was not lifted, Swift replied her saying, citing anatomy, that her butt is in the back of her body.

The outcome of the trial will be decided by a jury made up of two men and six women. Mueller is suing for $3 million, while Swift’s counter lawsuit only seeks one dollar. She hopes to make a statement and take a stand for women everywhere by bringing awareness to sexual assault.

There are indications, according to NBC, that the judge might throw out part of Mueller’s claims.






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